Improve your speed reading skills /10 free sites/

Posted by HR Key Functions Jun 15, 2010

1. Free Reading Test by AceReading
This site provides 156 reading exercises, divided into 13 levels and 4 groups of themes. Very useful for candidates who are willing to sit an English exam and for preparation for verbal reasoning tests as well.

2. Online Speed Reading Comprehension test
A free online speed reading comprehension test. The test includes 11 questions referring to a long and difficult text. A calculator for estimating your comprehension score is added beneath the multiple choice questions.

3. Speed Reading Challenge
This site contents 3 speed reading comprehension tests. They test your speed reading as well as comprehension level. Very good study guide for people who are after sitting English exams or preparing for verbal reasoning tests.

4. RocketReader 1
This is a trial version of software for speed reading comprehension tests. The test includes two texts, verbal games and speed reading exercises. The exercises estimate your reading speed at the beginning and at the end of test. The test helps the reader to concentrate on groups of words and to avoid reading word by word. It is very useful for people who try to read at a higher speed or need preparation for verbal reasoning tests.

5. RocketReader 2
Another trial version of speed reading software! You may take the test and determine your reading speed.

6. Spreeder
That’s excellent free speed reading software on the web. You can copy and paste your own text here and tune the number of words per minute. So you can start at a lower speed level and increase it by the next text. You are allowed to tune how many words to display in a moment.

7. Flash Reading
This site provides with the same speed reading software as the Spreeder. Our personal opinion is that this flash reading has a more user friendly appearance.

8. ZAP Reader
ZAP reader is the same program as Spreeder.

9. Read the 'Online Reading Speed Test' and then take the Comprehension and Memory Test here: Reading Comprehension and Memory Test

10. English Articles
Here you can find 5 tough reading comprehension texts and tests. Good luck!

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