There is a strange feeling that manifests itself on many people around the world at least once a week. As Sunday draws to a close, many people are flooded by a bad feeling that the next day is approaching.  Most people are aggravated about Mondays because of the physical and mental discomfort that naturally arise from transitioning between two different activity cycles. 

People have different reasons to hate Mondays:
End of weekend
Wake up early in the morning
Back to work
Because of work/school
Who wants to do work?
Monday is the slowest day of the week
Mondays ruin the weekend
Monday is just a pointless day !?!..!!!
It’s so far from Friday
Stupid Monday morning meetings

Many people ask themselves the same question: Am I passionate about my job?
Is something wrong with your job or is something wrong with your life cycle? The way you feel on Monday mornings doesn’t mean you hate your job. Contentment is a skill in itself, and without it, no achievement will ever be enough. Recall what energy you put in education, in job searches, attempting to interviews and so on. Changing your life path could lead to fulfillment and happiness. Some work for a paycheck, some work for passion. People continue to go to work every morning in order to keep the job (they hate), in order to pay bills and earn their salary. 
Admit it honestly – you hate your routine life!

The worst thing of being unemployed is not having a job. Many people get scared of their future and for many of them being jobless seem never-ending.
Lack of money
Your free time is a waste of time
Low self-esteem
Financial troubles
Don’t even think on those things…! 

In a recession, many people are laid-off, sacked, fired… and you could be one of those. It is a scary situation to begin with, because you suddenly don’t know where to go, how you are going to make ends meet, with no new jobs in the offing. 

It could cost months to find a job during a recession. The biggest “mistake” most jobless people come across is starting a job for only the reason to have a job.  Living day to day on a very limited budget and waiting for help from family and friends, could be very stressful. Trying to find an employer right now leads to emotional chaos and frustration. Launching tons of resumes to companies, agencies and job search sites makes you feel more frustrated when you read “After careful consideration, we regret to inform you…” 
In an attempt to diminish the pain most companies add to the rejection letter the following statement: “However we would like to hold your details on our database for a period of 12 months and will contact you again should we identify an opportunity that may be of interest to you.” Sure this is a polite manner for a refusal.

Head up! Life is now asking you to look deep into you. Ask yourself where do you want to live, what do you want to do, what are your skills and how can you help other people to solve their problems or to achieve their aims. Helping other people could lead you to the next level. You can earn and learn at the same time, you could build new contacts, you can expand your knowledge and get recommendations.
Do not blindly jump on another job! Relax, calm down and consider your near future!