Do you hate Mondays?

Posted by HR Key Functions Jul 11, 2010

There is a strange feeling that manifests itself on many people around the world at least once a week. As Sunday draws to a close, many people are flooded by a bad feeling that the next day is approaching.  Most people are aggravated about Mondays because of the physical and mental discomfort that naturally arise from transitioning between two different activity cycles. 

People have different reasons to hate Mondays:
End of weekend
Wake up early in the morning
Back to work
Because of work/school
Who wants to do work?
Monday is the slowest day of the week
Mondays ruin the weekend
Monday is just a pointless day !?!..!!!
It’s so far from Friday
Stupid Monday morning meetings

Many people ask themselves the same question: Am I passionate about my job?
Is something wrong with your job or is something wrong with your life cycle? The way you feel on Monday mornings doesn’t mean you hate your job. Contentment is a skill in itself, and without it, no achievement will ever be enough. Recall what energy you put in education, in job searches, attempting to interviews and so on. Changing your life path could lead to fulfillment and happiness. Some work for a paycheck, some work for passion. People continue to go to work every morning in order to keep the job (they hate), in order to pay bills and earn their salary. 
Admit it honestly – you hate your routine life!

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