Long distance travel is now a part of many employees’ life. In the past it was considered as a perk of the job, but today business travel relates more to headaches and exhaustion. Business travelers see nothing more than airports, hotels and offices. 

Modern communications mean that the only time you are out of reach is during the flight. As long as you get to the hotel, you open your e-mails and start working. Business travels have become more stressful, now you are expected to manage the workload from a distance. Despite the modern communication such as fax, e-mails, telephone conferences, video calls, business travels continues to grow. More companies reconsider their expenditures and decide to choose cheap flights at an inconvenient time. This could be tiresome for the employee who on the very next morning should be in the office delivering a quality work. 

Life is about experiences! Do sightseeing when you travel because you’ll remember the sights more than the meeting you’ll go to. Having a job with lots of travel is a good way to visit new and exciting places. It’s always better to soak up a little of the local culture and to build some friendships. Skip the breakfast or the hotel gym, get a map and go for a walk in the neighborhood. You get some fresh air and exercise before you sit in conference rooms all day and you get to see people and the city before everyone else wakes up.

Enjoy the biggest perk of the business travel – we don’t have to spend a dime and still get pleasure from the trip!