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Posted by HR Key Functions Apr 19, 2010

A Screening Interview is used to narrow down the list of potential job applicants and increase the efficiency of the formal interviewing process. A screening interview can be:
- A phone interview
- A face-to-face interview
- Computer screening
- Video screening

Being asked to come in for a screening interview is a positive sign because it usually means the applicant has passed the initial resume screening process and the company is demonstrating interest in the applicant.

In order to be prepared for your first screening interview we recommend you to read the following articles:

1. Six Great Tips for Job Screening Interviews
The author Craig Travis explains in details simple general rules how to behave when you encounter that situation.

2. Screening Interview Tips
Screening interviews are crucial methods for the companies to select candidates for the next round of interview. The author gives tips for Phone Interview, Online Tests and Group Interviews.
Extract: Online Tests

"...Online tests generally involve answering multiple choice questions. Though it may seem as an easy option, the questions covered can be very tricky.
• Time management is the first important tip while attending an online test. Tests have to be completed in a stipulated time period. Thus, allocation of time per question must be decided in advance. Avoid wasting too much time on one question. Move to the next question and get back to it later if time permits.
• Keep your mind off distractions. Online tests are stressful but important. Thus, keep yourself focused on the test.
• If you do not know the answer to a question, deduce your answers by logic. Logical and analytical thinking is the key to answer most of the questions..."

3. Interview skills for a screening interview
Five pillars: Preparation, Practice, First Impressions, Main Event, Post Interview.

4. How to pass a screening interview
A detailed article from CVTips you must read.

5. Screening Interview
Extract: “…Screening interviews are not tailored to determine whether a candidate is best suited to the job rather it there to determine whether or not a candidate is good enough to progress to the next round of interviews..."

6. Guide to Conducting Screening Interviews
The purpose of this guide is to provide tips for conducting effective screening interviews.
Extract: "...Screening interviews are a valuable tool for gathering information on applicants and an
essential part of the selection process.
There are three steps in the screening interview process:
1. Preparing for the screening interview
2. Conducting the screening interview
3. Determining a pool of candidates based on the screening interview..."

7. Screening Interview Tips
After giving the definitions of screening interview and telephonic interviews, the author explains in depth the web based interviews.
Extract: “…Web based interviews are growing as faster it could be… After the success of the telephonic round and if the candidate sits/works in a far place then interview is conducted through internet. Like sitting in front of the web camera and giving the interview to the recruiter. This kind of interview not only saves time, travel, money, etc. The candidate can speak and listen with the help of a mike and a stereo headset. Many organizations go through this kind of interviews. It is the best communication method and an alternative to the cost of face-to-face meetings. Anyone, anywhere in the world can execute video conferencing or web based interviews with a compatible software...”

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