Fearless of Job Rejection

Posted by HR Key Functions May 25, 2010

If you fear to be rejected on a date, just don’t ask for a date! Is it really so simple?

Most job applicants are afraid of rejecting and often get angry, frustrated and disappointed when receiving a rejection letter. When you are “hunting” for a job, you have to be ready to take risks and to be rejected.
Your aim is to find one perfect workplace, you can not fit to any job offered on the market. Despite how experienced, qualified and skillful you are, don’t forget – there is always someone better than You!

Rejection is part of any job search. The companies are seeking for applicants who suit best to the positions, companies do not offer positions which suit best to your profile! The decision to hire someone and to reject other job seekers is a business decision and has nothing to do with your qualifications. Companies receive many applications on every job offer they post. They look not only on the skills of the applicants, but the common ability to fit into the department, team, organization, salary frame etc. Some companies have pre-described positions and they have in mind what they are seeking for, e.g. sex, background, experience, university degrees and much more. This pre-described frame is not put into the job advertisement. In most cases only the hiring manager has an idea what (s)he needs.
If your CV doesn’t overlay the frame of the hiring manager, you don’t have any chance to get the job! Actually it’s not your fault…
Their fault is they don’t think out of the frame!

Many years ago while finishing my studies I applied in different companies for a job. I received some painful rejections, e.g.

1. “You don’t have the relevant experience for this position.”
Hey guys, I do not have any experience besides two internships in a foreign country. Why did you invite me to a job interview?

2. “We need a co-worker who is willing to travel most of the time… a person who is not responsible for carrying after their children…”
Hmmm… I understand – they need a man for this position. Due to discrimination norms they are not allowed to announce it publicly.

3. “You are overqualified. We seek for an associate who speaks English. People who managed it to master German or other foreign languages are overqualified for this position.”
At least they were honest. No one who invested time, energy and money in a foreign language is willing not to practice it and to forget it in the upcoming two years.

4. “There are some candidates with better qualifications than yours”
In most cases this is the official excuse. They had a pool of candidates and they chose according to their “frame” who to invite to an interview and who to appoint. Your mission is to apply for the job, not to judge their decision!

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