Mobile phones have changed our life forever

Posted by HR Key Functions Nov 1, 2010

Mobile phones have changed our life forever, but not all the changes are for the best. 
The R&D acceleration in engineering has not reached its peak. We will be faced with innovative devices and gadgets in the upcoming 50 years. In the last two decades the world experienced an enormous progress regarding our daily life and our job. Many job positions were replaced by machines, the world has become one big “village” where everyone is connected to anyone via Internet; we speak through mobile phones every single minute and are always connected to family and friends; we send messages, pictures, tunes, we make fun and communicate via mobile phones at the same time.

I remember a world with no mobile phones, computers, notebooks, Internet, mp3, IBM, HP, Windows and Linux. It was a simple world in my childhood. My parents were never frustrated of having a low battery. We arranged appointments during the line phone or live and we had never troubles in postponing them.
Nowadays things have changed so dramatically that everyone is required to own a mobile phone. We are permanently connected to the surroundings. We phone each other every single moment we need to arrange a meeting or to accomplish a task. We are permanently in touch with family and friends and so we can assure they are safe. It is very important for most parents to know exactly where their children are in this dangerous and changing environment.

The cell offers us security and safety. Mobile phones make our life easier, they let us play together and send pictures and tunes to each other. We feel more mobile thus we have connection to Internet and we are able to watch TV and read news on the display.

However, there is a negative aspect as well. Cell phones can be dangerous for our health. The waves going out of the phones are dangerous for newborns and for little children too. Mobile phones damage our private space, we can never switch off. If you have a business mobile phone, you are required to answer it anytime and anywhere. This circumstance is an additional stress for our brain and we can never have an enjoyable holiday or just few minutes to concentrate on a task. Every distraction puts us again in the stress mode.
In addition to this we feel angry and helpless when our phone’s batteries are dead. We lose connection to the entire world and feel isolated.
Despite the numerous disadvantages, owning a mobile phone is a vital necessity in the 21 century.  

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